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Never Miss The Action with Astro Go!

Download Astro GO and link now for existing Astro customers to stream thousands of hours of movies, series, live sports and more

Interactive Mode

Stream LIVE matches, get instant highlights & statistics and many more cool features for football fans.

Pre-access for new customers

For all our new customers, you can start streaming even before your Astro box arrives

Enhanced Search

Find what you want faster and easier. Just type in the title, actor, director, channel name or number

All of Astro, now in your pocket

SStream anytime, anywhere with more than 65,000 videos on demand and over 100 TV channels, up to 4x devices

Cloud Recording

Record all the programmes you want at the same time. Enjoy 200 hours recording absolutely FREE

Play From Start

Simply restart the program. It’s not the end when you’ve missed the beginning

Available on multiple devices

On your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can now access and explore a variety of Astro programs. Download, link your Astro account and start streaming now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astro GO?

Astro GO is a free streaming companion app for all Astro customers to enjoy their favourite shows and channels on their smartphones, tablets, and computers – anytime, anywhere in Malaysia. Astro customers with an active Pay-TV subscription can link their accounts to watch corresponding on demand and TV channels available on Astro GO as part of their subscription.

Do I have to pay extra to use Astro GO?

No, Astro GO is a free app for Astro customers. The content available on Astro GO will depend on the subscription pack that you aresubscribed to.

If you do not have an Astro subscription, please click here to find out packages available.

What can I watch on Astro GO?

Your access to Astro GO will depend on the subscription pack that you are subscribed to. Not all shows/channels will be available on Astro GO as this depends on contractual rights with specific guidelines on the entitlement of these shows/channels. We are continuously working hard to make more content available on Astro GO.

‍You may navigate around the menu on the side bar on Astro GO app, or top bar on the Astro GO web version to find shows available.

How do I access Astro GO?

Access Astro GO via:

1. Astro GO app

a) Download the Astro GO app on your device by clicking here. Please ensure that you have the latest updated version to enjoy new features.

b) For Huawei devices, head over to App Gallery to download the Astro GO app.

Currently the supported devices and operating systems are as below:

Device Support – Huawei P40

Platform requirement – EMUI 10.1 & above

2. Astro GO on web browser

Astro GO is also available for streaming directly via your computer or laptop at

Create Astro ID and secure your ID by linking it to your Astro Account.

Upon launching Astro GO app, you will be required to login with your Astro ID. If you do not have an Astro ID, please follow the steps below to create one.

Steps to create Astro ID and secure account

Log in with your Astro ID and start streaming.

Please note that Astro GO is exclusive for Astro customers.

Where is Astro GO available in?

Currently Astro GO is only available in Malaysia. You will not be able to access it if you are overseas.

I am facing issues on Astro GO, who can I contact?

Please contact us and provide us with your name, Astro ID, mobile phone number and/or e-mail address along with your purchase information via:

Facebook “>

Twitter @AstroGOmy

Web feedback form:

WhatsApp “Hi” to +60395433838