Astro On The Go

Never Miss The Action with Astro on the Go!

Astro on the go

Enjoy your favorite movies and TV series wherever you go!

Astro on the Go is our latest service that lets you enjoy Astro programmes on the devices of your choice (i.e. PC, smartphone, Tablet, etc.).

Enjoy that new summer blockbuster right where you are. Catch the action as it happens. Whether you’re on a plane, train, travelling or just away from home, now that movie you’ve always wanted to watch is at your fingertips…anytime, anywhere.

Without WiFi or Data? Dont worry, just download your favourite shows, watch them offline when you want, watch them on different devices, you decide.

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    Live TV Channels

    Enjoy 24 / 7 access to a wide range of ASTRO TV channels. Upon signing up, immediately get access to the variety of news, live shows, movies, current affairs, sports and other content.

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    Your favourite team's playing and you need to be out? Catch the adrenaline pumping action of the biggest sporting events as they happen. Just like you would on TV!

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    Movies & TV

    Watch in real time and not miss out on anything. Keep up to date with the best programmes as they happen.

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    Life Shows

    Get the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows On-Demand and never ever miss an episode. Even watch them back-to-back. Choose from a wide range of top flicks for your entertainment pleasure

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    Download online, Watch offline

    On the Move with No Wi-Fi? No problems. Just download in advance and take your content with you – on your mobile, PC or Tablet. Watch when, where and how you want. Travelling on the bus or plane becomes more enjoyable now with Astro on the Go.

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