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Too busy to watch your favorite programs? Record it and watch it later, anytime you like!

Get Your Personal Video Recorder.

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PVR Installation Fee

On Demand Entertainment

On Demand Entertainment

Download and watch your favorite TV series and movies from on demand entertainment when you connect your PVR to your home wifi.
Control Viewing Experience

Control Viewing Experience

Watch Astro program in HD and record up to 100 hours. Record. Pause. Play. Rewind. Anytime you want.
Personalize Your Viewing

Personalize Your Viewing

Plan your personalize TV schedule and record entire season of well loved shows ahead.

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Information about Astro PVR

  1. If you subscribed to any Super Pack or Super Pack Plus packages, PVR service (worth RM10/month) is already included. Therefore, no monthly additional charges. 
  2. If you’re not Super Pack or Super Pack Plus customers, additional RM10/month will be charged for PVR service.
  3. If you’re using Astro B.yond HD decoder, you can choose not to upgrade your decoder to Astro B.yond PVR. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the installation fee. However, the monthly charges of any Super Pack or Super Pack Plus remains the same. 
  4. You can’t fast-forward live TV channels, unless you’ve rewind it before or recorded programmes.
  5. With Astro B.yond PVR, you can pause live TV anytime you like, and play it when you feel like continue to watch again.
  6. Your recorded programmes also records multiple audio and subtitle language. 
  7. You can play your programmes in slow motion. Press “pause” button on your Astro B.yond PVR remote control, then press “Fast Forward” button. Press “Play” to return normal playing speed.
  8. Red Button feature is only available in Live TV, Red Button won’t be recorded. 
  9. After you keep on rewinding/pausing/fast-forwarding the live TV channels, and if you would like to watch the TV channel back to Live, press Stop. 
  10. If you’re recording a programme using Series Link, make sure your PVR decoder must be powered on (standby mode also possible) during your scheduled programme record time. If your decoder is powered off, the programme you’ve scheduled to record earlier won’t be recorded.
  11. You cannot transfer your recorded programmes into your computer, or anywhere else. Your recorded programmes on your PVR decoder is watchable on your PVR decoder only.
  12. If one day you’re in a situation that needs to replace your PVR decoder such as hardware failures, thunderstruck, or upgrade to newer model, you are not able to transfer all your recorded programmes on your existing PVR decoder to another PVR decoder.


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